Specialist Programs

Specialist Programs

Performing Arts

Banksia Grove Primary School has been conducting a Performing Arts program for the past 6 years. Our Performing Arts program is run by Mr John Donnelly. Some of the highlights are the Community Songs which are sung by the entire school during our weekly assemblies and the Bi annual performances that our senior students are involved in, which include High School Musical Jr, Aladdin Jr and Alice in Wonderland Jr.

Physical Education

Our positive interschool results are a great reflection of the long term benefits of the Phys Ed program being run by Mr Cameron Mulcahy. The increased participation rate of our students across events such as our faction carnival and Jump Rope for Heart is an excellent indicator as to across the board improvement in students’ skills and confidence.

Winning the B Division at Interschool Athletics. Very good performances in netball and soccer at Winter Carnival and at the cross country.
Two individual champions in the athletics.
Almost 100% of students willingly participating in Phys. Ed lessons.


In 2015 the school appointed Mrs Amy Dixon to the position of specialist teacher of Science. It proved to be a popular decision as student feedback indicated that Science had become one of the top 3 highlights of our school.
Amy has been able to organise excursions and incursions to compliment the hands on activities within her class. She also attended a number of professional development sessions organised by the local Wanneroo Schools Network.

LOTE (Italian)

The LOTE program is delivered by Mrs Patrizia Chambers. The lessons aim to give our students a sound understanding of not only the Italian language but the culture and diversity of Italy.