School Board

School Board

Banksia Grove Primary School Board is a body of elected parents, teachers and community members.

The School Board promotes the objectives and interests of the school community and provides strategic guidance and monitoring of our school performance targets. The Board consists of 10 members, including the Principal, staff members, parents and community members.

The role of the School Board is one of setting the long-term future of the school and ensuring the effective implementation of the school's Strategic Business Plan and priorities. The Board does not run the school but rather provides additional expertise to aid the school in achieving the best outcomes for all students. The School Board is comprised of the School Principal, elected parents and staff representatives, as well as appointed community members.

Members take part in establishing and reviewing the school's objectives, priorities and procedures and evaluate the performance in achieving them. The Board endorses the financial budget for the school, approves charges and contributions and signs off on the Delivery and Performance Agreement with the Director General of the Department of Education.

The Board generally meets at 7:00pm in the Staff Room on the Monday of Week 4 and Week 8 of each term.

The current Board members, as of 2018, are;

Parent Members
Jacki Johansson - Board Chair
Les Ritchin
Kathryn Wild
Paula Calder
Rochelle Kaisin

Staff Members
David Hall - Principal
David Drabble
Amy Jose - Board Minute Secretary
Alison Rennie
Veronica Essex

Co-Opted Community Members
Cindy Davies - Ngala
Brad Goodlet - Representative for Banksia Grove Development