P&C Association

P&C Association

The P & C is the voice of the parents. It’s at P & C meetings that decisions affecting certain aspects of our children’s tome at school are made.

P & C meetings are usually held twice a term. Any parent, guardian or community member can attend. Non-school aged children are welcome to attend with you.

P&C associations are a great way to:

  • Get the inside story on what’s really happening in the school (not the gossip).
  • The Principal is usually available to answer questions and on occasion other staff members attend.
  • Make a difference to your child’s education and create better relationships with the staff.
  • Contribute to the schools resources through various fundraising projects.
  • Meet other parents.
Schools have their own budgets but invariable they need more than the budget allows, that’s where the P & C becomes a really valuable partner.

How Banksia Grove Primary School P & C benefits your child:

  • Providing the service of the school canteen that could only be possible with the help of our volunteers.
  • Scholastic Book Club orders that are coordinated by our volunteers and results in many new books for the school library.
  • Managing school banking for students through the Commonwealth Bank which includes a Reward Program and teaches children how to develop healthy saving habits.
  • Facilitation of The Fathering Project within the school community which provides a place for fathers and father figures to interact and share knowledge and skills.
  • Many fundraising events run by our volunteers throughout the year such as sausage sizzles, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls and raffles among many others.
  • Raising funds for new school playground equipment, IT resources and other school necessities.

All money raised by the P & C must be used for the benefit of the school, as a P & C member you get to vote on how these funds are used and ultimately that will also benefit your child.

Keep an eye out for our latest meetings and events in the school newsletter or our P&C Facebook page.