P&C Association

P&C Association

The P & C is the voice of the parents. It’s at P & C meetings that decisions affecting certain aspects of our children’s time at school are made.

P & C meetings are usually held twice a term. Any parent, guardian or community member can attend. Non-school aged children are welcome to attend with you.

P&C associations are a great way to:

  • Contribute to the schools resources through various fundraising projects.
  • Make lasting connections with members of the school community.

Banksia Grove Primary School P & C benefits your child by:

  • Coordinating the Scholastic Book Club orders that results in many new books for the school library.
  • Many fundraising events run by our volunteers throughout the year such as sausage sizzles, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls and raffles among many others.

All money raised by the P & C must be used for the benefit of the school. As a P & C member you get to have a say on how these funds are used.

Keep an eye out for our latest meetings and events in the school newsletter or our P&C Facebook page.