The Staff

Our Staff

Our professional and dedicated staff are committed to growing their skills and capacities to ensure each child in our care is a successful student.

Our staff have high expectations of students and adopt innovative, effective and evidence based teaching strategies. The staff are committed to shared leadership, collaborative practices and the coaching and mentoring of colleagues.


David Drabble Principal
Helen Abbott  Deputy Principal
Cameron Mulcahy Deputy Principal
Veronica Essex Manager Corporate Services
Janet Sharp School Officer
Sally Taylor School Officer

Teaching Staff

Rachel Giles Echidna One
Aleisha McCreery  Echidna Two
Charis Richardson Possum One
Suzanne Crafton Possum Two
Louise Wienand Possum Three
Melissa Hair Platypus One
Julie Jennings Platypus Two
Lisa Jansen Platypus Three
Tanya Rice Platypus Four
Jessica Watt Kangaroo One
Renee Roach Swan One
Kelsie Hancock Swan Two
Jenny Ward Swan Three
Caroline Barton Swan Four
Michael Hughes Quenda One
Linzi Francis Quenda Two
Donne Webb Eagle One
Shana Walker Eagle Two
Teejay Baron Eagle Three
Amy Jose Eagle Four
John Donnelly Performing Arts
Cheyne Donohoe Physical Education
Amy Dixon Science
Patrizia Licastro LOTE

Support Staff

Alison Moles School Psychologist
Leonie Lupton Chaplain
Tamara Lewis AIEO
Jenny Murace Librarian
Melissa Berry Education Assistant AUSLAN
Maureen Forrester Education Assistant
Diana Heeris-Arnold Education Assistant
Rebecca Hirst Education Assistant
Deborah Paquelet Education Assistant
Sue Parker-Smith Education Assistant
Donna Selby-Lowe Education Assistant
Sandra Slate Education Assistant
Alison Wegner Education Assistant
Dale Jory Education Assistant
Gillian Leasor Education Assistant
Renee Bailey Education Assistant
Beth Roberts Education Assistant
Helen Boast Education Assistant
Jacki Johannson Education Assistant
Tawnee Sinclair Education Assistant
Trish O'Callaghan Education Assistant
Yolanda Heyns Education Assistant
Deborah Jordan Head Cleaner
Lisa Duggan Cleaner
Kylie Wojtowicz Cleaner
Sue Cotterell Gardener
Cyril Sharp Gardener