About Our School

About Banksia Grove Primary School

Banksia Grove Primary School is located in the heart of Banksia Grove,
8 kilometres east of Joondalup.

Banksia Grove PS opened as a ‘school in houses’ in 1996 and relocated to it's newly constructed permanent school site in 2007. In 2013 it became an Independent Public School. The school has a population of around 500 students from years K-6.

Banksia Grove PS prides itself on being an inclusive school that successfully caters for and celebrates the diverse backgrounds of its students. We are very fortunate to have an amazingly dedicated and professional staff who provide a curriculum that engages and enhances the whole student.

The school actively seeks out partnerships with the wider community in order to enhance the learning outcomes of its students. In 2015, the Child and Parent Centre opened. The centre offers services and activities that support parents and help children develop and learn in their early years. The school will continue its partnership with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. This partnership has enabled the school to develop better structures and practices to support students with mental health issues. 2015 has seen the opening of our new, local high school, Joseph Banks Secondary College. Our aim is to establish and maintain close links with the high school in order for a smooth transition of our students.

At Banksia Grove Primary School, our core business is maximizing the learning outcomes of our students. We do this by using the very best data available to us in order to highlight our strengths and areas of need. We target our resources to improve and enhance our learning programs.

Vision Statements

  • Banksia Grove Primary School will strive to be a model school with a reputation for producing outstanding students and active citizens.
  • Our professional and dedicated staff will encourage and support all students in their pursuit of personal excellence.
  • We will be celebrating our successes and strive for continual improvement.
  • We will provide our students with a positive and productive pathway to the future, wherever that may lead.
  • All members of the school community will work together to ensure that there is a safe, caring and dynamic environment for our students to learn in.

School Information

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